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We are Vibrational beings and Frequency can be compromised, communicated with and raised depending on our environment

This can elevate or decline through our thoughts, nutrition, cellular memory, emotions or lifestyle……in, on and around our body

All symptoms are just the bodies indicator of imbalance so when given the right environment the self -healing process can begin.

How does it work?

Wellness Whisperer

Debbi Kemp

Debbi Kemp holds a Certificate IV in wholistic wellness but more importantly uses her own life experiences as resources in her passion for helping others with a specific interest in those she believes fall under the category of ‘The Voiceless’.

Debbi’s services can be very helpful by attuning the body, using only natural products that provide relief and mental harmony, unlike some mainstream health options.

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Energy Alignments

Our bodies are constantly being challenged by environmental and personal disruptions to our electrical system.

Energy alignments are excellent for raising and maintaining high vibration in your body which may reduce the risk of early onset disease, pain and stress.

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Clean Living Consults

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of hidden toxins that are contributing to the breaking down of our bodies’ endocrine, immune and lymphatic systems.

Many can be avoided by simply swapping certain household and personal care products and old habits.



My first encounter with Deb was overhearing her speak to another staff member. I was drawn to the energy of the conversation and instantly wanted to know more about her and the knowledge she held. This was 11mths ago and in that time I have made a life changing decision. As a result of that, and forming a friendship with Deb, I have continued to grow in my personal development and learnt to deal with many issues that arose out of my decision, using the skills Deb has passed on to me. I found Deb to be likeable and approachable. She has good people skills and a rapport with people and her manner in which she relays her knowledge is easy to comprehend. I will continue on my journey knowing that I have good resources and a real person to turn to.

Johanne C

One of our speakers was 'Wellness Whisperer' Debbi Kemp who graced us with her amazing inspirational presence running a wholistic workshop discussing:emotions, Angel cards and Archangels and their purposes, tools to enhance intuitive abilities. The ladies enjoyed Debbi's down to earth friendly approach and positive engaging energy! Questions flowed freely and an atmosphere of pure calm enveloped the group. The ladies found Debbi's talk motivational and have been talking about signing up for one of her workshops. Debbi's attitude and intuitive clarity is refreshing and makes us stop and question the here and now and the past. Her positive style is motivational and gives guidance and hope for the future! The ladies want to say a BIG thank you to Debbi for visiting their group! You are an Earth Angel! Many Thanks,

karen berry

Being a Woman Co Ordinator

I attended a number of workshops in Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills which were facilitated by Debbi. The Workshops were very informative, professionally presented, easy to understand, enjoyable, fun filled and beneficial from a personal development perspective. Debbi has extensive knowledge and experience in a number of areas due to studies, courses and actual experience which she has undertaken. The types of workshops that Debbi facilitated to name a few were subconscious therapies, manifesting, intuitive counselling, angel card readings, wholistic psychology, guided meditation, soul retrieval, surviving abuse and neural skeletal therapy. Debbi is a very pleasant and personable and provides a warm, caring environment where people feel safe to gently release, heal and move forward in a positive direction on their healing journey. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Debbi as a workshop facilitator

Pauline Nelson

I really feel Deb helped me with a very important element-to learn from the positive things we have, say and do and how to recognize them in ourselves and others. I have attended workshops and have had several sessions and have honestly felt an intense sense of achievement and well-being since I have met Deb. I have the courage to move from a very unsatisfying career and have made shifts in the focus of my thoughts and deeds which have been extremely beneficial. I take great pleasure in writing this for Deb. I would suggest that anyone looking to make changes in their world should not waste any time...you have come this far so deep down you know it is possible and, importantly...It is time.

Jennifer S

"Emotional problems that I was not consciously aware of were causing me allot of stress and anxiety for many years. I thought I was a weak and overly emotional person and would berate myself for not being able to deal graciously with life's stresses the way other people seemed to. I saw Debbi initially for a neural-skeletal energy alignment and have now had many sessions with her. Her honest, yet caring approach has helped me develop strategies to overcome negative conditioning and shift limiting beliefs on a soul level. Each day I work to overcome past conditioning and live deeper in the now and I thank Debbi wholeheartedly for her wisdom and guidance on my journey, the world needs more Wellness Whisperers!


Debbi Kemp is a person who has made it her mission to improve people’s lives by helping them make subtle changes in the way they think, feel and experience day to day living. With her very natural unassuming manner and skills, she has helped me to restructure my life to free me from many preconditioned thoughts and reactions I had to different situations. With these changes of thinking and feeling from my heart, life has been on a growth spurt, both in a social, and a business sense. Life was really meant to be easy, but in order to enjoy it we need to know a lot more about ourselves. One person cannot have all the answers. Debbi has definitely made a very significant contribution to my life I wish her well and highly recommend the work she does.

Peter S

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